Visit of the delegation of the Slovenian Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning to IMAL

A delegation from the Slovenian Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning visited IMAL on 5 April, the “Slovenia Life Team”, accompanied by a representative from the Italian Ministry of the Environment, Dr. Federico Benvenuti, within the framework of the LIFE2014CAP/SI/000012-“Life CB SI-LIFE Capacity Building Slovenia” project, to share and exchange information on the management of European projects.

As the Coordinator of the GreenJoist project, IMAL presented the prototype which was in the process of being modified and illustrated the problems encountered throughout the various stages to produce it, a project which commenced about 5 years ago from research. IMAL also explained the organizational problems encountered and the method applied to the management of the project, starting from the ideation process through to the actual development.

The meeting was also fruitful for formalizing contact channels with Slovenian companies to engage in a potential collaboration of research into industrial sustainability and IMAL illustrated its latest research on the circular economy for using recycled wood to produce products with a new end use.

Other topics discussed included the potential interaction with the Slovenia Life website to find projects and seek collaboration for the future to promote a responsible employment and implementation of environmental resources [wood and related materials].

Some photographs of the meeting.

IMG_0829m IMG_0827m IMG_0823 IMG_0820